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IPTV is an increasing market that is becoming more and more popular at for example hotels, healthcare facilities and cruise ships.
The signal of IPTV is distributed through an IP network.
Main advantages of this system are the controllability and it’s interactive character. Who can see what and when, can be set individual per connection.
It’s also possible to add extra services as VOD, Pay TV, messaging, information channels, advertising, internet, etc.

Digital Innovations started in 2004 to develop its own software for IPTV.

This has placed us in an advanced position towards other IPTV providers.
The software from Digital Innovations is fast, reliable and flexible, and gives you opportunities you didn’t even know they exist.

FLEEX Embedded

Fleex is a complete End-to-End IPTV and OTT
middleware solution covering any need in the
hospitality industry and more.
The most complete and affordable
IPTV middleware solution worldwide
that covers everything you need
and many more.
Content is king on your signage screens! We make
professional content accessible with our unique
digital signage template platform. Our templates
can be used on all digital signage systems.

The media server VOD from Digital Innovations

Our server has a powerful database with unique opportunities for both user and installer.
To manage, the system is equipped with a back office module, in which you can manage any information.
An extra added reception module allows you to create a protected system, where persons / areas can be switched on and off individually.
Very useful for functions as for example pay tv.
The system also provides a payment module and automatically create an invoice (pdf file).
How does IPTV from Digital Innovations works
We start from our digital headend:
Through DVB-T, DVB-S/S2/S2X, DVBC or HDMI the signals are converted to IP by streamers.
One streamer streams a complete transponder (up to 64 channels).
Since the technique of multicast broadcast, the network load is minimal.The number of streamers depends on the number of R/TV channels.
From there the signals go on the IP network by switches, which are linked to our server/cloud.
The signal will then be shown on any TV set or with a set-top box connected to the network.
The unique feature of the system is that the transport of information is through network cabling

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